As we approach the new year, gratefully saying goodbye to the events of 2020, and looking hopeful to 2021, my thoughts have been lingering on the goals I want to set for myself over the coming year. I have been listening to the Audiobook "Steal Like an Artist" by Austen Kleon. He suggests that as an artist, it is important to share our work with the world. I have always struggled with the idea of sharing my work. Putting everything out there for people to see and judge... that is definitely out of my comfort zone. Over the last couple of years, I have slowly begun to post my artwork on Instagram and Facebook, being careful only to share pieces that I really love. Now here comes 2021, and the time to step out and share my journey as an artist. My goal this year is to complete the #100paintingschallenge, and post every painting throughout the year, good or bad, whether I like how they turned out or not. These can be big paintings or small, the point is to paint 100 pieces of art. This challenge is not about perfectionism, it's about completion! It's about growing and developing my style and skills. So I invite you to join me on my journey. To create and grow in your own creative venue, or just enjoy this process with me! Let's encourage each other!

#mybloomingart #100paintingschallenge

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